The Iliou Melathron is located in downtown Athens.

It was built in 1878-1879 and designed by the German architect Ernst Ziller, as the residence of the Schliemann family.
Its name, meaning the Palace of Troy, was associated with the discovery of the ancient city by Heinrich Schliemann.

It is a two-storey building impressively decorated. The first floor functioned mainly as the place where the social life of the family unfolded. The Hesperides Hall was designed for the receptions and the literature salon for literary evenings; the guest room and the dining room were situated around a central area. The bedrooms, offices and the library were on the second floor. The auxiliary areas, the servantsí rooms and a hall where the artifacts from the excavations in Troy were in display, were located on the ground floor. The coach-house and the stable were at the back of the house in the big garden.

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