Conservation works in the Iliou Melathron began in 1985, a year after the building had been conceded to the Ministry of Culture, aiming at its preservation and restoration due to alterations and damages it had undergone.
The conservation crews were faced with various problems.

In most of the areas the wall-paintings and ceiling-paintings were covered with thick consecutive layers of colour, wood and plaster decorations or wall-papers. In certain places, the paintings had been painted over and details had been added on top of the initial themes, as for example, when nude forms were clothed.

The mosaic floors were damaged (pieces were detached, tesserae and plaster were lost, cracks and gaps were created); these problems had been dealt superficially by applying cement or by covering them with rugs and carpets.

The wooden elements (doors, windows, cases and banisters) had been covered, in many instances, with layers of oil-paint thus obscuring the initial painted imitation of wood and marble.
The metal elements (balustrades, lamps, metal staircases) had been also covered with layers of oil-paint.

The marble surfaces (staircases, columns, balconies, railings, pillars) had been corroded (by dust, soot etc.) resulting in the powdering of their outer layers and the fading of colours due to the corrosion of the metallic joints.

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