Author: Kakavas George

Participation of the Numismatic Museum in “This is Athens City Festival”

The Numismatic Museum in the context of “This is Athens City Festival” , in collaboration with the Development and Tourism Promotion Company ( EATA ) of the Municipality of Athens and the Social Cooperative Enterprise of Collective and Social Benefit CORNUCOPIA , actively participates in its first open spring multifactorial festival . After the last two difficult years, due to the pandemic, the new extroverted annual festival “This is Athens City Festival” functions as a tonic cultural injection creating a true atmosphere of celebration. Accepting this unexpected opportunity, the Numismatic Museum invites all its visitors, but also the residents of Athens, to an unprecedented and multi-level experience both in Ilios Melathron, the Palace of Troy, and in its courtyard, the Garden of the Muses, with four special exciting music and creative workshops with free admission: 1. May 21, 2022 Garden of Muses of Ilios Melathros Time: 12: 00-14: 00 Interactive Engraving Laboratory Engraving Art event with the theme “Engraving and Coins” by two distinguished members of the group “Ergani 5 + 1” , the artists and conservators of Works of Art Vasiliki Kolipetsa and Alexandra Gini. The event will be accompanied by two musicians, guitarist Manolis Zacheilas and violinist Sofianthi Chalkiadaki.   2.   22 May 2022 Start: 13:00 Duration: 90 minutes Hall of Hesperos of Ilios Melathros The Classic meets the Modern: From “Carmen” to Sinatra! Musical, operatic journey, melodic and unpredictable, where “Carmen” flirts with Frank Sinatra, “Triaviata” meets “Opera...

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