As part of the educational activities of the Numismatic Museum, an educational brochure entitled “Exploring the building of Ilion Melathron” was designed for the homonymous educational program, which has been posted on the Museum’s website.

The educational material is addressed to students 12-14 years old and focuses on their acquaintance with the Numismatic Museum, the coin, the building of Ilion Melathron, Hernst Ziller. At the same time, it helps to realize the continuity of our cultural heritage. The form is designed based on the Ekarv method and is structured in three main sections, while the individual objectives of the educational material are to familiarize students with the museum environment, contact with the world of currency, the cultivation of their artistic expression and creativity, as well as enhancing group-collaborative learning.

Gianni Rondari writes: “If we want to teach someone to think, we must first teach them to invent.” It is worth clarifying that the planning of the activities of this educational form was based on the content and the objectives of the school curriculum.