The Green Cultural Routes is a nationwide communication action, organized by the Ministry of Culture and Sports. The aim is to promote sustainable development by educating citizens on issues of protection and promotion of both the natural environment and the cultural wealth of the country.

The Numismatic Museum participates for another year in the “Green Cultural Routes” by organizing educational activities related to the celebration for students and special groups of the public with the ultimate goal of promoting the flora through the coins and plants of its garden.

The actions will take place on May 25 and 26 in the enchanting Garden of the Muses and the halls of Ilios Melathros.

Wednesday, May 25, 10.00
Educational program “Flowers and plants in the Garden of the Muses”. Students will discover the flowers and plants of our garden as they are depicted on the faces of ancient coins.

Thursday , May 26, 11.00
“Flowers and plants in the characters of the coins”.
Special thematic tour in a group of adults.